Building and Blocks

(3 customer reviews)

Building and Blocks

(3 customer reviews)

This Toolbox is packed with activities straight from the Montessori classroom: practical life, sensorial, and language.

Your child will love making their own car, building a fort, and working with real tools.

Read more about our Building and Blocks Toolbox.


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Included In All Boxes

Instructions for Curated Activities

Printed instructions make it easy to provide hours of Montessori inspired learning.

Montessori Made Easy

No experience or additional materials are required. Just open your box and GO!

Expertly Designed

Each box is crafted and lessons are planned by certified teachers and Montessori experts.

Ages 3 to 6

Our boxes are designed to grow with your child. Each box has a range of difficulties appropriate for ages 3 to 6 and even beyond! (Just like a Montessori classroom, this makes multiple child lessons easy)

Themed Curriculum

Ignite a love for learning with exciting themed lessons!

Keep & Reuse

Unlike other boxes, our quality materials are designed to be used again and again

Unique Items

We include some amazing items, like a REAL dinosaur fossil, geologist certified meteorite, a mortar and pestle to make your own paint, and more!

Incredible Value

We balance a mix of beauty, economy, and creativity for maximum value!

Activity Guide

Also available online, our easy to use activity guide helps you get started right away

Video Instruction

Learn from certified Montessori teachers and see the activities in action

Additional Hours of Learning

Extension activities with common household items

Online Resources

Each box has additional resources to engage learners: printables, audio, images, and more!

What’s In This Box?

 Included with this Toolbox:

  • Block Patterning Set
    • Bag of Blocks
    • Block Pattern Cards
  • Nuts and Bolts Set 
    • Bolts
    • Washers
    • Hex Nuts
    • Wing Nuts
    • Square Nuts
  • Hammering and Paper Punching Set
    • Cork Board
    • Bag of Letters
    • Tin with Pins and Nails
    • Child-Sized Hammer
    • Paper Punch Stylus
  • “Made By Me” Car Kit
  • Building and Blocks Toolbox Guide
  • Instructional Videos (online)
  • Online Printables and Resources

 *Items may vary slightly from photo due to availability

What does our rating chart for this Toolbox mean? Learn about our Design Philosophy.

What does our rating chart for this Toolbox mean? Learn about our Design Philosophy.

Items may vary slightly from photo due to availability.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Some products contain small parts. Not for children under 3.

Building and Blocks - Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Building and Blocks

  1. Katie

    This toolbox has been a favorite for my 3 year old son. He loves being able to hammer the letters to make his name and be able to do it all himself. The fine motor work of this toolbox is wonderful – as he has to carefully use the tacks and nails, hold the hammer correctly, carefully place the building blocks in their correct position, and put together the nuts and bolts set. The paper punching element of this set is great also. The possibilities with this set are endless, and for that I am very happy with my purchase. I love that my son is learning and mastering important skills while having fun at the same time.

  2. Martee R

    This toolbox has become my child’s favorite (and mine too as I watch her work, explore, and integrate the activities into so many other areas of her play and learning)! It is filled with a great variety of activities. I was a little hesitant about the building & blocks toolbox because I have never let me child use hammers, nails, tacks, etc. She is responsible with scissors but I was just a little nervous about the others (esp since I have a two year old as well). However, she has demonstrated such calm and caution, gentleness and skill with each of these activities and she requests this toolbox everyday! Thank you for helping me to introduce these tools and skills to my daughter.

  3. Cynthia

    This toolbox has been our favorite so far. In the last month it has been pulled out at least three times during the week and used by all my children ages 2-9. I love the responsibility it is teaching my younger kiddos. They understand that some items (hammers, nails, pins) are special, to be treated kindly and found when dropped. The activities using these items, encourages them to concentrate and also have enjoyable experiences making something.
    The nuts and bolts are a ridiculously fun tactile experience for all ages. While this activity might seem simple enough, I have never taken the time to put it together for my child, I am glad MbM did for me. All my kids love to hold the weight in their hands and manipulate the different parts to complete each set.
    The blocks are the tip of the iceberg with all the unique sheets to use with them. I appreciate this set very much and am grateful to set aside some one on one time with my little ones that is much needed. Thank you MbM for all that you are doing.

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