Dinosaur Discovery

(8 customer reviews)

Dinosaur Discovery

(8 customer reviews)

The goal of Dinosaur Discovery is to show how many activities that are not “officially” Montessori can still use Montessori principles.

For example, children will practice fine motor skills by both hammering and chiseling. They can work on pouring and measuring by making their own dough at home.

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*Please note that the wood puzzle is no longer available from our suppliers and you will receive the Mini Dino Fossil Figures set instead.


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Included In All Boxes

Instructions for Curated Activities

Printed instructions make it easy to provide hours of Montessori inspired learning.

Montessori Made Easy

No experience or additional materials are required. Just open your box and GO!

Expertly Designed

Each box is crafted and lessons are planned by certified teachers and Montessori experts.

Ages 3 to 6

Our boxes are designed to grow with your child. Each box has a range of difficulties appropriate for ages 3 to 6 and even beyond! (Just like a Montessori classroom, this makes multiple child lessons easy)

Themed Curriculum

Ignite a love for learning with exciting themed lessons!

Keep & Reuse

Unlike other boxes, our quality materials are designed to be used again and again

Unique Items

We include some amazing items, like a REAL dinosaur fossil, geologist certified meteorite, a mortar and pestle to make your own paint, and more!

Incredible Value

We balance a mix of beauty, economy, and creativity for maximum value!

Activity Guide

Also available online, our easy to use activity guide helps you get started right away

Video Instruction

Learn from certified Montessori teachers and see the activities in action

Additional Hours of Learning

Extension activities with common household items

Online Resources

Each box has additional resources to engage learners: printables, audio, images, and more!

What’s In This Box?

We have also created a dinosaur classification chart. Children will be able develop their critical thinking skills by sorting their dinosaur cards by shape and color. When they are done, they can hang the beautiful dinosaur poster that is on the reverse side.

Last, but not least, your child will get their very own fossil, which is a real fragment of dinosaur bone, and comes in a beautiful wooden box!

Included with this Toolbox:

  • Real Dinosaur Bone Fossil in Wood Box
  • Dinosaur Rubbing Plates
  • Dinosaur Dig Kit
    • Wood Hammer
    • Chisel
    • Dusting brush
    • Fossil Block
  • Dinosaur Puzzle
  • Crayon Rocks
  • Dinosaur Classification Set
    • Dinosaur Poster/Chart
    • Dinosaur Classification Cards
  • Make-Your-Own Fossil Kit
    • Dino-Dough Kit
    • Bag of Plaster
    • Dinosaur Figures
  • Dinosaur Discovery Toolbox Guide
  • Instructional Videos (online)
  • Online Printables and Resources

 *Items may vary slightly from photo due to availability

*Please note that the wood puzzle is no longer available from our suppliers and you will receive the Mini Dino Fossil Figures set instead.

What does our rating chart for this Toolbox mean? Learn about our Design Philosophy.

What does our rating chart for this Toolbox mean? Learn about our Design Philosophy.

Items may vary slightly from photo due to availability.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Some products contain small parts. Not for children under 3.

Dinosaur Discovery - Customer Reviews

8 reviews for Dinosaur Discovery

  1. Stephanie

    My son really loved this kit. He’s had more engagement with this toolbox than any others. My only negative is the quality of the wooden puzzle. It sheds splinters each time it’s used and is not safe in that respect. The pieces are very rigid and not smooth at all, so the puzzle is very difficult to pull apart after it’s been put together.

  2. [email protected]

    My girls (4 and 6) LOVED this kit! I had to remind my daughter that she could not sleep with the dinosaur fossil (she was that obsessed with it). MbM’s customer service is awesome. They are speedy to reply to emails. I had the pleasure of meeting them at a convention and they are so passionate about these QUALITY products. I was amazed at how extensive each kit was. The video resource is an awesome bonus. I get excited when we do this kit!

  3. Cynthia

    I cannot sing your praises enough. Not only was this box amazing and fun for my kids ages 2-9, but your customer service is outstanding. Our post office left our poor box in the rain and MbM was super speedy in getting me the new items that arrived damaged. We loved the dinosaur models so much, we bought a whole Toob! Thank you for the ideas and instructions, it really makes the boxes come alive.

  4. Lerin

    This being our first subscription box, I could not be more excited about it’s contents. My son is still young, but was able to participate in all of the activities provided (with a few minor age appropriate tweaks). The materials are high quality and creative! My son now looks forward to receiving his “school” box in the mail and has shown anyone who will listen that he has a REAL dinosaur fossil. This company and it’s products do not disappoint. So happy that I happened upon them.

  5. Christy A

    Montessori by Mom has done it again! The Dinosaur discovery kit is amazing! My boys LOVE the idea that they now own a real dinosaur bone fossil! They cherish it and treat it with respect and gentle hands! The dig that is included in the box helps with delayed gratification! There are so many ways to use the graph from using colors to patterning! The impressions are fun to make and I’ve since had to go and buy more plaster to do this activity over and over! The kit came with two molds and we found it to be so much fun that we are now grouping all of our impressions. It never ceases to amaze me how high of quality the kits are! I still have yet to learn to expect the quality of products and activities that are sent to us. Thank you again for everything! Montessori By Mom is simply wonderful!

  6. Amanda

    This toolbox brought my whole family together around the kitchen table because, well, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Charting the dinosaurs by name and card colour: my 8-year-old does similar exercises in school, and yet my 3-year-old was perfectly capable (and oh so proud!) of doing this. I especially appreciated how this box helped me to “find the Montessori” in everything.

  7. Marlene Bronson

    My son loves this toolbox! We’re getting so much engagement from the dinosaur matching cards. Thank you!

  8. Amber

    This kit was so much fun and my daughter LOVED it. It is her favorite one so far.

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