Shells and Starfish

Shells and Starfish ToolboxToolbox AA is our Shells and Starfish theme. Here you will find 5 videos that explain many activities that can be used for ages 3 to 5. We try to keep them short, but also provide a lot of information. The first videos start with more basic activities and increase in difficulty. Our goal is to provide these materials and instruction as a resource for you to use. Feel free to be creative and expand upon what we have provided and use the materials in new ways. We would love for you to use our Facebook group, Montessori By Mom Family, to connect with other parents to share any ideas, ask questions, or provide feedback.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments about this Toolbox, please send us an email, or ask in our Facebook group Montessori By Mom Family.

Video Instruction

1. Transfer Activities
2. One to One Matching
3. Quantity and Numeral
4. More Math Concepts
Bonus: Shell Exploration

Bonus Printable

Other Resources