Empowering Parents As Educators

We Help You Bring Montessori Home

Little Acts of Kindness

I encourage you to show acts of kindness and love to others. You never know when a seemingly benign act will come back with tremendously uplifting results.

What Does Montessori Mean to You?

What Does Montessori Mean to You? Find helpful ideas on the Montessori environment, materials, and how to measure success in this wonderful post by Amanda!

Shoots and Sprouts

We are excited to announce the third Montessori By Mom Toolbox, Shoots and Sprouts!

Art With Anything

Art has a wide range of definitions and the creativity of teachers to create a unique art experience with anything is a true talent! I'm excited to share with you some real stories of teachers incorporating art with anything in their classrooms. Art With Anything...

The Montessori Red Flag

Those who are new to the Montessori method dive deep into books and articles to find just the right level of knowledge to educate their children and set up a happy environment in their home. But as a trained Montessori teacher, I have a big Montessori red flag to...

Kings, Queens, & Castles

The activities in this Montessori Toolbox were inspired by Europe of the past: its art, culture, and technology. Activities include stained glass, tapestry weaving & sewing, family crest sorting, a Montessori horse puzzle, and our simple machines kit!  ...

Helping Hands

Our Helping Hands Toolbox which focuses on Practical Life activities, which are so important for a child’s development.