Why Is Early Learning So Important?

Early Learning

Facilitating quality early learning experiences is crucial for ensuring a child’s lifelong success and happiness. The brain is forming connections at a rapid pace – much faster than occurs during later childhood and adulthood. These connections form the foundation of a child’s learning for the rest of their lives.

Kids that receive the proper stimuli during this period of growth are in a much better position as they move forward. One 2021 study published by the Society for Research in Childhood Development found that high-quality early education programs in the first five years of life give children benefits into adulthood. Research continues to show the importance of quality early education and how it poises children for greater success as adults.

The Psychology

Nearly all brain growth after birth occurs within the first few years of life. This is the time period when children learn social skills and basic problem-solving and begin to learn to read. Learning is much easier during this time of life than others because the brain acts as a sponge, soaking up new information at a breathtaking pace. Therefore, it’s vitally important to set a child up for success by beginning their education early. Children that have already benefited from education prior to entering kindergarten consistently score better on tests and display stronger social skills.

Neural Connections

early learningThe neural connections in our kids’ brains are 90% formed by the time they’re five years old. Researchers have also shown that children who have experienced trauma or neglect have significantly fewer connections between neurons than children raised in nurturing environments. Using this information, there are a variety of ways to get the most out of the first five years by providing as many stimuli as possible for the greatest neurological dexterity. Sensory toys for kids (items that stimulate one of the five senses) are great ways to entertain a child while building these crucial neural connections.

Learning to Love Learning

A warm, welcoming educational environment can set the stage for a child to enjoy a lifetime of learning. This means better behavior in school, more regular attendance, higher satisfaction, a more vibrant social life, and ultimately, more success in life. Children who attend early education programs have higher graduation rates and go on to achieve advanced degrees more often than children who do not benefit from an early education program.

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