Dinosaur Discovery

The goal of Dinosaur Discovery is to show how many activities that are not “officially” Montessori can still use Montessori principles. For example, children will practice fine motor skills by both hammering and chiseling. They can work on pouring and measuring by making their own dough at home.

We have also created a fantastic dinosaur classification chart. Children will be able develop their critical thinking skills by sorting their dinosaur cards by shape and color. When they are done, they can hang the beautiful dinosaur poster that is on the reverse side.

Last, but not least, your child will get their very own fossil, which is a real fragment of dinosaur bone, and comes in a beautiful wooden box!

*Please note that the wooden puzzle has been discontinued and is no longer available as part of this Toolbox. It has been replaced with the Mini Dinosaur Fossils set.


Questions or Comments?

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