Movement and Motion

Dr. Maria Montessori said that “Movement, or physical activity, is thus an essential factor in intellectual growth.” With the activities in this Movement and Motion Toolbox, your child will be developing their gross motor skills, learning to follow directions, and building spacial awareness.

We are trying a new format with the instructions for the activities in this Toolbox. The activity guide is now more complete with descriptions, so the instruction videos are shorter and cover things not mentioned in the guide.


Don’t miss it! Included with the resources for this Toolbox is the complete CD for Walking on the Line (a $20 value)! Use the link on the right to stream the music to your computer or mobile device.

Please Note;

The Movement and Motion Toolbox originally came with a set of SO Awesome Go! Cards. Unfortunately, SO Awesome went out of business and we are no longer able to include the Go! Cards in the Toolbox. Instead, we have replaced them with a wonderful set of Montessori Early Readers, written by a Montessori teacher. Your Toolbox will come with either set one or set two.

Please also note that you will be receiving 3 juggling balls and 1 bean bag instead of 3 bean bags. This change was made based on parent feedback that the bean bags were hard to juggle, so the juggling balls can be used instead.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments about this Toolbox, please send us an email, or ask in our Facebook group Montessori By Mom Family