Montessori Language Miniatures 2019

(5 customer reviews)

Montessori Language Miniatures 2019

(5 customer reviews)

This starter set of Montessori language miniatures is a great way for children to learn about letter sounds the Montessori way.

This collection provides a balance of beautiful objects with economy objects to be affordable (compared to other sets that typically sell for $60+ by themselves).

Your child will love using these language miniatures!


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What’s Included?

This starter set of 48 Montessori language miniatures is a great way for children to learn about letter sounds the Montessori way.

Includes a bonus printable with labels for each of the miniature objects.

Set contains: Apple, Ant, Button, Baseball Bat, Clothespin, Card, Dove, Dice, Elephant, Egg, Flag, Flower, Gift, Gear, Horseshoe, Hammer, Ice, Ice Cream, Jewel, Jar, Key, Kangaroo, Ladybug, Lock, Marble, Mug, Nut, Newspaper, Orange, Octopus, Pearl, Plunger, Quartz, Ring, Rolling Pin, Spool, Stamp, Strawberry, Top Hat, Turtle, Umbrella, Violin, Washer, Wheel, Watermelon, Yarn, Yen, Zipper

Items may vary slightly from those listed. You will need a program like Adobe Acrobat to print the file with bonus labels.

Items may vary slightly from photo due to availability.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Some products contain small parts. Not for children under 3.

Montessori Language Miniatures 2019 - Customer Reviews

5 reviews for Montessori Language Miniatures 2019

  1. karnsra

    Plenty of interesting little objects for playing games and learning sounds and letters. Colorful and just the right size for little hands.

  2. Sharron

    Okay, so the good and the bad. The bad: there are a couple object that are not really easy to identify (one was a kudu, but it was fun to look up pictures and learn about them). Also, beginning sounds for “I” is “Ice” instead of something like “infant.” But, I couldn’t even think of a better item to use instead. So the good: I expected these to all be cheap, considering the price. I was really surprised by the quality. A friend had one of those $60 sets, and I think this was a steal. I decided to give it 5 stars, because it was the only set in our budget and for the price, I’m super happy with it. Plus, my little one said it was his favorite “job” too!

  3. Joah

    This is a wonderful collection of little objects. I just discovered the Montessori approach to language and wish I had known about it when my other children were younger.

  4. Sarah W

    My kids LOVE using these. There are some really cute items and the price was great.

  5. Lizzy O

    I didn’t have much left in the homeschool budget, so I tried to put a set like this together. It was soooo hard to figure out what objects to use or where to buy them. Then, I started to price out a few of them. I was either getting junk, buying tons of things, or spending a lot of money. I never thought to check if a set existed till a friend mentioned these. Wish I had thought to look before I wasted all that time, lol

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