Journey To Japan

Journey To Japan With Journey  To Japan your child can learn about some of the fun customs and cultural activities from Japan. A few of the activities include: growing a Bonsai plant, making their own paper, learning to fold origami, building motor skills with cutting and a sushi transfer.

To keep the magic paper in good condition, avoid soaking it with excess water and touching it with anything other than the brush. Oil from hands can damage it over time.

The seeds for the Bonsai plant are rosemary. They have been specially treated to germinate faster than normal seeds, however it can still take 14 to 21 days till the plant begins to grow. This activity will be an exercise in patience!

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Video Instruction

[wistia video=”tczuvfss7i” title=”1. Sushi Transfer”] [wistia video=”corfyhy81k” title=”2. Magic Paper”] [wistia video=”unja6ff5dc” title=”3. Paper Making”]


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