Printable Color Wheel – Montessori DIY

Color Wheel

For a limited time, get these two printables free from our store! No other purchases necessary.

The printable color wheels are included with our Mad Scientist Toolbox, which focuses on color mixing and motor skills.

First, if you have the Montessori Color Tablets (also included in the Mad Scientist Toolbox or available from the store), you can have your child match them to the colors on the wheel.

Next, you can have your child find small objects that match the colors.

Then, using the printable color wheel, talk to you child about primary and secondary colors. Explain that colors can mix to make different colors. Primary colors combine to make secondary colors. You can also work on the names for each color.


Color Wheel BW

Black and White Color Wheel Template

Lastly, print out the blank color wheel to have your child fill it in. The first time, they may want to look at the colored version. Then, they may want to try to remember the correct colors without the help of a guide.



For a limited time, you can get these free:

Printable Color Wheel

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