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I Am a Cancer Survivor

SurgeryI am a cancer survivor. I have family and friends that are battling cancer. I have also lost family to cancer.

You might have seen on our ABOUT page that we chose teal, because it is the color for ovarian cancer. My stepmom is currently fighting ovarian cancer, and we wanted to dedicate this new business in honor of her. The hummingbird represents joy, because the Montessori approach brings joy back to learning. However, it also symbolizes the joy of life.


Support For Those In Need

Montessori By MomI am sure I made it through because of my faith and support from family & friends. There are many sick people who have no one to stand by their side. Many also have financial difficulties on top of their health problems. This is why we plan to use 5% of any profit to help people suffering from cancer.

By simply purchasing a subscription, 5% will go to help someone suffering from cancer. We plan for 100% of these funds to go directly to support the people that need it. We are still researching a foundation or non-profit organization to partner with. This information and details on how the money is spent will be available later.


How You Can Help

1. Just a subscription to Montessori By Mom will help make someone’s life a little brighter.

2. We would love to use our platform to help spread ovarian cancer awareness and provide a platform for cancer survivors to tell their story. (All the details are still being worked out, but we will keep you informed as things progress.)

3. Finally, we hope to run additional fundraising campaigns. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or would like to contribute: [email protected]


– Nathan Hadsall


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