Recommended Montessori Resources: The Best of 2022

The Best Montessori Resources of 2022

The Montessori method has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. As a result, the web has exploded with blogs, social media pages, and even YouTube channels dedicated to exploring Dr. Montessori’s time-tested method. It’s an exciting time to be a Montessorian! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of our recommended Montessori resources for 2022. We hope it helps you find the most reliable sources to learn about Montessori at home and Montessori homeschool. Happy learning!

Recommended Montessori Resources for 2022

Recommended Montessori Resources

Association Montessori Internationale

The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is the gold standard for Montessori information. Maria Montessori herself founded AMI in 1929 to protect the integrity of her work. The AMI website is home to a wealth of information about Montessori. Some of these resources include brief guides for each age group, an extensive question-and-answer library, Maria Montessori quotes, curated research and references, and informative booklets.

The Montessori Notebook

The Montessori Notebook is a great starting point for parents and caregivers interested in learning more about Montessori at home. Simone Davies, who owns the blog, wrote the best-selling books “The Montessori Toddler” and “The Montessori Baby.” Davies is an AMI-certified Montessori teacher. She owns Jacaranda Tree Montessori in Amsterdam.

The Montessori Notebook blog is full of Montessori inspiration. Davies explains Montessori principles, offers Montessori activity ideas, and publishes personal interviews with Montessori families around the world. In addition to the blog, The Montessori Notebook also teaches about Montessori through a podcast of the same name, a Instagram page, online courses, and various free downloads.

Montessori in Real Life

Just like its name suggests, Montessori in Real Life offers real-life, practical tips and applications for Montessori at home. In addition to having an AMS certification in infant/toddler Montessori education, owner Theresa is also a mother of two. As such, Montessori in Real Life offers the expertise of a Montessori educator with the understanding of a Montessori mother.

The blog is home to Montessori approaches to common parenting woes and explains Montessori principles. Theresa also shares her personal experiences with Montessori at home.

Carrots Are Orange

Carrots Are Orange describes itself as “a Montessori learning resource for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers.” Marnie, the founder of Carrots Are Orange, is a Montessori-trained educator and mother. Since Marnie has experience as a writer and marketer, Carrots Are Orange is a comprehensive, informative, and easy-to-navigate resource. We highly recommend Your Ultimate Guide to Montessori Math and Your Ultimate Guide to Montessori Geography on the Carrots Are Orange blog. The website also sells Montessori printables, eBooks, and courses.

Montessori Nature

Montessori Nature offers a plethora of Montessori content on its website, including Montessori inspiration by age, printables for free and for purchase, and hands-on activity ideas. Anastasia, the Montessorian behind the blog, is an early childhood Montessori teacher and homeschooler. She’s spent more than 10 years working with children in Montessori schools in both Russia and Australia.

The Kavanaugh Report

If you’ve done a lot of Google searching about Montessori, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled upon The Kavanaugh Report. The site is full of wisdom, information, and inspiration for Montessori parents. While website owner Nicole isn’t a Montessori teacher, she does have a decade of experience in Montessori parenting. Consequently, her blog and Instagram account share her family’s real-life experiences with the Montessori method. She also offers Montessori courses and a Montessori podcast called “Shelf Help.”

Hapa Family

The Hapa Family dominates the Montessori YouTube sphere. Ashley is a Montessori 0-3 guide through the North American Montessori Center. She also has two daughters whom she raises through the Montessori method. Her YouTube account is an engaging resource, especially for parents who learn best by seeing or listening. It shares her family’s approach to Montessori at home and homeschool, activities for children by age, and Montessori basics. In addition to their YouTube page, you can also find the Hapa family on Instagram.

Reach for Montessori

Reach for Montessori, or the Montessori-Minded Mom, is a no-frills website that offers free, thorough content explaining Montessori concepts. Sue is credentialed in Montessori education and holds a nursing degree. Her website tackles Montessori in four key areas: Montessori learning, Montessori parenting, Montessori toys & books, and Montessori crafts & activities.

Age of Montessori

Age of Montessori‘s claim-to-fame is that it owns more than 300 hours of footage of Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, a student and associate of Maria Montessori. In addition to offering Montessori training, the website also offers free blog content and homeschooling resources. Similarly to other blogs, Age of Montessori offers various courses for Montessori parents and educators.

Living Montessori Now

Living Montessori Now is the go-to source for Montessori printables and activities. It’s run by Deb, a former Montessori teacher with a master’s degree in early childhood studies. For every holiday, skill, and interest you can think of, Living Montessori Now likely has a Montessori printable available. While she posts countless free printables, she also sells eBooks, booklets, and packs to facilitate Montessori homeschool.

This Toddler Life

If you find learning about Montessori to be overwhelming, This Toddler Life is the blog for you. This Toddler Life makes Montessori accessible for any family, regardless of how much or little they want to incorporate Montessori. Holly offers simple, practical approaches to Montessori living. She also has free Montessori guides for children ages 0-36 months.

Montessori By Mom

Kings, Queens, & Castles ToolboxOf course, we couldn’t end this article without putting in a plug for our own website and resources. We created Montessori By Mom to make Montessori easy and accessible for families. In addition to our beautiful Montessori Toolboxes, our blog contains Montessori approaches to issues from the dinner table to toilet learning and everything in between. We also love to share free printables and run the Montessori By Mom Family Facebook group.

Have a Recommended Montessori Resource to Share?

Listed here are a few of our favorite Montessori resources. However, this list is in no way comprehensive. As such, if a Montessori resource you love isn’t listed here, share it with us in the comments. We’d love to explore it for ourselves and share it with our readers!

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