Shooting Stars And The Supermoon

Super MoonThe first event is tonight (Aug. 10th), the largest full moon of 2014. August’s full moon is called a “supermoon,” because it is at its closest to the earth. Tonight’s full moon will be 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than the smallest full moon of the year. Make sure to go outside and take a peek!

The second event is the Perseid meteor shower. These “shooting stars” have already started, but will peak around Tuesday or Wednesday. The Perseid gets its name because the meteors seem like they are coming from the constellation Perseus. This meteor shower is actually debris caused by the comet “Swift-Tuttle.” The last time Swift-Tuttle passed that Earth was in 1992.

Although the meteor shower will be a little dimmer because of the brightness of the moon, make sure not to miss these amazing events. Just in time for our Space Explorer Toolbox!

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