Website Launched

Website LaunchedIt’s Finally Here!

Teresa and I are excited to welcome you to our new website. It has been about a month of work: graphic design, programming, setting up the e Commerce, and so many little details.

We sent out a newsletter today and posted information on a few Facebook Montessori groups. It was exciting to see all the visits to our website throughout the day. The response has been amazing! We are so grateful for all the interest, comments, and ideas.

We really feel like our service could make life easier for parents, and we are so happy to see that interest is starting to grow!

Our next step is to begin putting the various Toolboxes together. Teresa has been working on the curriculum already. Now we need to find all the items that will go in the Toolboxes: what exactly we are going to get, where we will buy them from, etc.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but hope to fully launch the site in a couple months!

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