Mad Scientist

(9 customer reviews)

Mad Scientist

(9 customer reviews)

With this Toolbox your child will feel like a real scientist! It can be used to learn basic skills such as pouring and color mixing, and advanced skills such as volume and measurement. We include our version of the Montessori Color Tablets to help your child differentiate between colors.

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3 bottles total

Kids LOVE bubbling fizzing, non-toxic, washable dye tablets!

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Included In All Boxes

Instructions for Curated Activities

Printed instructions make it easy to provide hours of Montessori inspired learning.

Montessori Made Easy

No experience or additional materials are required. Just open your box and GO!

Expertly Designed

Each box is crafted and lessons are planned by certified teachers and Montessori experts.

Ages 3 to 6

Our boxes are designed to grow with your child. Each box has a range of difficulties appropriate for ages 3 to 6 and even beyond! (Just like a Montessori classroom, this makes multiple child lessons easy)

Themed Curriculum

Ignite a love for learning with exciting themed lessons!

Keep & Reuse

Unlike other boxes, our quality materials are designed to be used again and again

Unique Items

We include some amazing items, like a REAL dinosaur fossil, geologist certified meteorite, a mortar and pestle to make your own paint, and more!

Incredible Value

We balance a mix of beauty, economy, and creativity for maximum value!

Activity Guide

Also available online, our easy to use activity guide helps you get started right away

Video Instruction

Learn from certified Montessori teachers and see the activities in action

Additional Hours of Learning

Extension activities with common household items

Online Resources

Each box has additional resources to engage learners: printables, audio, images, and more!

What’s In This Box?

Included with this Toolbox:

*Items may vary slightly from photo due to availability

Please Note: Due to continued worldwide supply chain issues, we were not able to supply the usual dropper lids from our bottles, and the new ones may be harder to use. In order to make this box the best we can, we included a large medical dropper. In testing with our own kids, we have found this to be even better as it presents different levels of difficulty and makes the measurement activities easier. We hope that your family will enjoy the Mad Scientist Toolbox as much as we do!

What does our rating chart for this Toolbox mean? Learn about our Design Philosophy. Learn more about this Toolbox on our blog.

What does our rating chart for this Toolbox mean? Learn about our Design Philosophy.

Items may vary slightly from photo due to availability.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Some products contain small parts. Not for children under 3.

Mad Scientist - Customer Reviews

9 reviews for Mad Scientist

  1. Marti Martinez

    My son loved this kit! We’ve did a Chemistry intro with some printables from Every Star is Different and used this work over the course of a week. We also pull it out for different extension. Anything with water is always a huge hit! Also, the quality of the materials from Montessori By Mom are excellent. We’ve not been disappointed with any items received.

  2. Ellen Main

    Simply amazing! My three and four year old followed the directions of many of the activities–like pouring and color mixing. Then they just wanted to play “scientists”. They played off and on all day, declaring they were working with “dangerous chemicals” so proud of all they made with the set. I imagine this set will come out for months and months to come. Highly recommend. Thank you!

  3. S. Ellerbe

    The mad scientist toolkit is a resource the entire family will appreciate-especially during this pandemic. Our child loves it! We love it because while he thinks he is playing, he is also learning and refining fine motor skills.

    Our little fella’s school took a picture of him pouring liquid from a beaker, using a funnel. Naturally, we thought the mad scientist toolkit would be perfect for him. And we were right! He has played scientist every day since receiving the kit. He turns four in a couple of months, so we are amazed at how long he sits and is engaged. He squeals in delight each time he creates a new color.

    If you are a parent or guardian who does not have classroom experience, no worries. The video resources provided gives you ideas for implementation. This toolkit is a win for the entire family!

  4. Angela

    This has been the best box we’ve received so far. Both my sons (ages 2 & 6) love it and spend hours working together. It’s motivated my eldest to ask for more “science experiments.”

  5. Laura

    This may be our favorite toolbox yet (and my daughter LOVED the Helping Hands box!). My 3.5 year old loves to play with water so this was perfect for her. So far we have had two 45 minute sessions in which she was completely engaged and fascinated with the concepts I was teaching! We worked on fine motor through using the eye dropper, hand-eye coordination through pouring, discussed units of measure with the beaker, and learned science terms such as test tube, beaker, surface tension. I think she loved the color part even more, though! She was very excited to experiment with mixing colors and learning about primary and secondary colors. The color cards were not as big of a draw to her since she already knows her colors well and does other matching activities, but getting to use the eye droppers and mix colors and even learn about different concentrations of colors and what that looks like was fascinating to her! We still have more to do with this toolbox! I can see us using the supplies for years to come as she gains skills and we can add new sorts of activities.

  6. Amanda

    I buy these toolboxes for my three-year-old, but even my 5-year-old and 7-year-old love this set! Watching the instructional videos, I had to grab a pen and paper and write everything down, because there is so much you can do with it. We’ve had it for a couple months now and we still haven’t covered everything. This set makes a lot of scientific and mathematical concepts very concrete and easy to understand for little ones.

  7. Robin

    This box has been a huge hit in our house. Our 4 year old has fallen in love with mixing colors and spends long periods of time with the droppers and test tubes. Our 2.5 year old enjoys the droppers as well but it’s harder for him. He likes using the beakers and pouring with the funnel. We have also really enjoyed using the color cards in some of the suggested ways. I am happy that there are so many more things we haven’t even done yet with the supplies that I know they will love. I appreciate the instructional videos to help me know how to present the materials to the kids.

  8. Kellista

    I was actually a bit disappointed when I opened this box. I thought, “oh that’s it?” I sat it out anyway and couldn’t believe it. My 4.5 year old daughter played with this for almost an hour. We’ve had it out several times since and she will “do” science for at least 30 minutes at a time. We used the color cards several times for different activities and the science goggles are a hit. This company is awesome. I’m a teacher and they know what they’re doing!

  9. Oliver B

    This box is deceptively awesome. It didn’t look like much, and I thought there was no way it could live up to the shells toolbox. I was so wrong! My children (3&4) love transferring water from beakers to test tubes through funnels and with the droppers. They also spend loads of time creating colors and mixing them together. (We’ve already run out of tablets, but you can also use food coloring or buy replacement fizzy tablets). The kids look so cute wearing the goggles and declaring they are “scientists,” but the best part is that this activity will occupy them for quite long periods of time. As a bonus, the instructional videos demonstrate novel ways to use these simple materials to educate the kids about surface tension, volume, etc. A++!!

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