Shells and Starfish

(8 customer reviews)

Shells and Starfish

(8 customer reviews)

With this Toolbox, your child will be able to:

  • Develop their fine motor skills
  • Associate number quantity with the written symbol.
  • Begin counting
  • Learn about seashells

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Included In All Boxes

Instructions for Curated Activities

Printed instructions make it easy to provide hours of Montessori inspired learning.

Montessori Made Easy

No experience or additional materials are required. Just open your box and GO!

Expertly Designed

Each box is crafted and lessons are planned by certified teachers and Montessori experts.

Ages 3 to 6

Our boxes are designed to grow with your child. Each box has a range of difficulties appropriate for ages 3 to 6 and even beyond! (Just like a Montessori classroom, this makes multiple child lessons easy)

Themed Curriculum

Ignite a love for learning with exciting themed lessons!

Keep & Reuse

Unlike other boxes, our quality materials are designed to be used again and again

Unique Items

We include some amazing items, like a REAL dinosaur fossil, geologist certified meteorite, a mortar and pestle to make your own paint, and more!

Incredible Value

We balance a mix of beauty, economy, and creativity for maximum value!

Activity Guide

Also available online, our easy to use activity guide helps you get started right away

Video Instruction

Learn from certified Montessori teachers and see the activities in action

Additional Hours of Learning

Extension activities with common household items

Online Resources

Each box has additional resources to engage learners: printables, audio, images, and more!

What’s In This Box?

Included with this Toolbox:

  • Seashell Transfer Activity
  • Numbers and Counters Activity
    • Sandpaper Numbers
    • Number and Quantity Matching Cards
    • Starfish Math Counters
  • Shell Set
  • Mat
  • Sea Life Printable Puzzle
  • Shells and Starfish Toolbox Guide
  • Instructional Videos (online)
  • Online Printables and Resources

 *Items may vary slightly from photo due to availability

What does our rating chart for this Toolbox mean? Learn about our Design Philosophy.

What does our rating chart for this Toolbox mean? Learn about our Design Philosophy.

Items may vary slightly from photo due to availability.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Some products contain small parts. Not for children under 3.

Shells and Starfish - Customer Reviews

8 reviews for Shells and Starfish

  1. ANNE

    The minute that I saw this kit I knew it was for me, however, the price made me wonder if it was worth it. My kit arrived quickly and everything was wrapped well. I was so very excited to unwrap each item! All the contents were high quality just as I had hoped. The shell bowls and spoon are sturdy, and cannot be bent. The sandpaper numbers are wooden, and also well made. The number cards are not laminated, but are of heavy card stock. I love the shells that were selected, but as my daughter is not quite three, I will need to watch her to be sure that she is gentle. I think the starfish especially would be easily broken (again this kit is listed for an older child than mine). I am very glad they included it because it is a shape that she recognizes, and has a very fun texture. There is a section with the videos telling more about each shell and where it can be located. I loved the online videos and supplementary ideas! The videos were very well done, and gave so many clever ways to introduce concepts. The video will also address how to teach zero, and an article by Dr. Montessori is included.

  2. Martee R

    This box arrived a few weeks before we headed to the beach. How exciting for us to be able to explore and discuss our upcoming trip using the beautiful well crafted tools in this box. The sandpaper numerals are of excellent quality, sturdy, and the perfect size for small hands. This box is full of activities varying in levels of difficulty. The videos that accompany the tool box are EXCELLENT! Although I am not trained in Montessori, these instructional videos offer provide information on introducing the materials to your child, variations of the activities, how to address a variety of questions that may arise, and the purpose of each activity/skill. These are one of my favorite parts as they give me confidence to use the materials appropriately and great ideas for extension activities and ways to connect the learning outside of the “toolbox.” Although the primary target of MbM toolboxes are 3 yrs+, my two year was very responsive to many of the activities in this box (specifically, the one to one transfer, shell exploration, and sandpaper numerals). THANK YOU for these amazing materials!!!

  3. Christy

    When we got our first box my boys were so excited that they could not wait for me to watch the instructional videos. They started playing with everything themselves. The sandpaper numbers have helped my boys with their writing, the spoon and shells were so great with counting and holding the tiny spoon! The shells are just great. Every other tiny shell my son would tell me is a special one that he needs to display on his shelf. I understand why he thought this! It’s because these products are such high quality that it’s hard not to display them! We live in South Florida so for him to say it is a special shell really means that they are nice! Again Montessori by Mom has blown us away and we can’t wait till next month! Thank You for what you do!

  4. Amanda

    This toolbox presents some traditional Montessori activities: transfer activities, sandpaper numbers, basic mathematical concepts. Nearly every day, my daughter wants to separate the shells into “smooth” and “rough” and talk about their names and the creatures who used to live in them. She also loves to remind her older siblings that “zero means nothing”. This was my first toolkit, and I was bowled over by the high quality of the items and the depth of purpose to the materials. So many lessons. This will be a favourite on our shelves for years.

  5. Cindy

    I cannot possibly describe what a blessing this box has been! Immediately after receiving it all of my children wanted to see what it was about. Even my 7 year old started grabbing the shells and started skip counting. My 3 year old is learning her numbers and I have witnessed a friends 2 year old remembering numbers due to us showing him this kit. The videos are a HUGE help to someone like me who loves the concept of Montessori but doesn’t know how to implement. I highly recommend this box as it provides a great base for starting Montessori in your home. The materials are all high quality, lovely to look at and lovely to touch.

  6. Binish

    This was such an amazing box. I was very happy with the quality of all the items in the box and the resource videos they provide are very helpful. My daughter is 3 so right now her favorite part is, of course, moving the seashells from one tray to another. We did some of the number activities with the starfish as well and she seemed interested in that. I like that the videos provide you with activities to progress towards as they pick up more information. Overall, I would highly recommend this, especially as the first box to receive!

  7. Robin

    Was very impressed with this box. My 4 year old and 2.5 year old responded well to the activities with using the counters and with the cards. I liked being able to clearly present the concepts of even/odd and of zero to my 4 year old. They both love the sandpaper numbers and matching them with the cards. My 4 year old loves hearing all about the facts from the informational sheet about the different shells. The instruction videos were very helpful for me to be learn how to present the materials to each child based on their age and how to decide if they were being challenged. I was happy to learn that the materials can be used over and over (not just a few times).

  8. Oliver B

    This box was such a great way to introduce some Montessori materials into our home. There’s everything you need to introduce your kids to numbers, the concept of zero, even and odd, etc. My daughter (3) especially enjoyed transferring the shells with the golden spoon, and my son (4) loved looking at all of the different shells. The instructional videos provided gave me tons of confidence in introducing the many activities to my kids. We’ve had the toolbox for 2 months now and the kids still work/play with it on a near daily basis!

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