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A Few Toolboxes Up Close

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Montessori By Mom - Shoots And Sprouts

Land, Water, Air

With this Toolbox, you can introduce land and water forms, motor skills, and scientific experimentation:

  • Science: Learn to conduct small experiments
  • Practical Life: Tracing a puzzle
  • Sensorial: Identify land and water formations by touch with the Sandpaper Cards
  • Vocabulary: Learn the parts of the turtle (head, tail, carapace, plastron, etc.)
  • Practical Life: Bee Transfer Activity with 3 kinds of tongs
  • Science: Learn about the Water Cycle

Get a closer look at Land, Water, Air

Montessori By Mom - Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist

This Toolbox lets your child feel like a real scientist while you teach things like:

  • Language Arts: Scientific vocabulary (flask, test tube, dye, beaker, etc)
  • Math: Measuring & learning about volume
  • Practical Life: Basic motor skills, pouring into a container, pouring with a funnel
  • Practical Life: Grasping, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills
  • Science: Developing critical thinking and reasoning
  • Practical Life: Color grading
  • Sensorial: Color grading
Montessori By Mom - Shells and Starfish

Shells and Starfish

This amazing Toolbox contains everything for shell themed activities, here are a few:

  • Language Arts: Teach ocean vocabulary
  • Language Arts: Develop muscle memory for writing
  • Practical Life: Develop motor skills with hand and spoon transfer
  • Practical Life: Practice hand eye coordination and build concentration
  • Math: Teach one-to-one correspondence
  • Math: Tracing the Sandpaper Numerals
  • Math: Visual discrimination and counting
  • Math: Teach the association of quantity and numeral