Art Appreciation

Montessori Art Appreciation for great Montessori learning delivered to your door. Enjoy teaching your kids, not research and finding materials!


Art Appreciation

Our activity guide provided with your toolbox and online video training (access given after purchase) provide dozens of activities for hours and hours of Montessori learning with no teaching experience necessary to use the curriculum in this box!

Masterpiece Collection

Masterpiece CollectionAllow your child to experience some of the best art ever produced! Our Masterpiece Collection has 12 beautiful cards (pre-laminated for added durability). Each painting was selected to give maximum exposure to different styles, artists, and periods. There is a black and white card to match each color card, and a beautiful poster which is great for matching and has portraits of each artist. Finally, the set includes 2 prints on real canvas so your child can experience a painting like they are never allowed to touch in a museum!


Make Your Own Paint!

Make Your Own Paint KitWho wouldn’t love being able to make their own watercolors? The Make Your Own Paint set has natural, mineral based pigments so your child can create watercolors with bold, rich colors. They use the mortar and pestle to mix pigments, Gum Arabic, and water. A small bit of pigment goes a long way, so your child will be able to make plenty of paint. Using the mortar an pestle is also a fantastic and unique practical life activity–they can even make colors from other items like flower petals!

We included professional watercolor paper the same size as the Masterpiece cards and 2 different paintbrushes for your little artist.


Montessori Shapes and Colors Activity Set

Masterpiece CollectionThis activity will help your child learn to distinguish between color and shape, while allowing you to set them up for success. This beautifully designed set includes nine wooden shapes in red, blue, and yellow, as well as a card set with instructions for several activities for various skill levels.


Art AppreciationToolbox Balance – Art Appreciation

Each Toolbox is carefully planned to contain a balanced blend of important qualities. Art Appreciation is:

Quality: Durable, professional grade, or name brand
Activities: Several activities, uses, and levels of difficulty
Aesthetics: Provides children with an experience of beauty
Montessori: Includes official materials, traditional activities, and faithful to general principles (AMS)
Imagination: Activities and theme encourage the imagination

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