Delicious Discoveries

Delicious Discoveries


Delicious Discoveries

With this Toolbox, your child will be able to develop several skills. The kitchen provides an excellent opportunity to work on practical life and so much more. They will explore spices, refine their sense of smell, and begin to help in the kitchen! Some of the activities include: matching scents, exploring and identifying spices, a corn transfer, and more. Our activity guide and online video training provide dozens of activities for hours and hours of Montessori learning.


15 Spice Set & CardsSpice Exploration 

We are excited to offer our Botany Card Set. This beautiful card set has 35 different illustrations from an antique volume, written in 1887. Each card provides the common name, scientific name, part of the plant we use, and some fun information. The illustrations show the whole plant, as well as the seeds and flowers.


15 Spice SetOur spice set contains 15 different specimens: Caraway seeds, Juniper berries, Cardamom pods, Mustard seeds, Cloves, Cumin, Black Pepper, Sage, Chamomile, Bay leaf, Star Anise, Licorice root, Himalayan Rock Salt, Nutmeg, and Cassia (Cinnamon). This unique set will allow your child to explore the textures, smells, and colors of plants and spices in a way that few people ever do.


Popcorn Transfer ActivityMontessori Smelling Bottles

The smelling bottles are a part of every Montessori classroom. We have provided 10 bottles with 5 scents. These are all made from natural ingredients and pure plant oils. This fantastic activity allows them to develop their senses, while learning to identify plants by smell. Like almost all Montessori activities, this has a control of error: we provide sticker dots so the child can check to see if their matching is correct.


Popcorn Transfer ActivityPopcorn Transfer Activity

This fun activity is great for kids to develop motor skills. There are several levels of difficulty built in, so the activity can grow with your child.




Mini Kitchen ToolsMontessori In The Kitchen

This Toolbox has a guide to use “Montessori By Mom in the Kitchen” as well as several mini tools which are perfect for your child. There are many skill building activities in just a few items! We also include a poster so your child will learn to set the table.



Toolbox Balance – Delicious Discoveries

Each Toolbox is carefully planned to contain a balanced blend of important qualities.
Delicious Discoveries is:

  • Quality: Materials are durable, professional grade, or name brand
  • Activities: Includes many activities, levels of difficulty, and uses
  • Aesthetics: Provides children with an experience of beauty or use natural materials
  • Montessori: Includes official materials, traditional activities, and faithful to general principles (AMS)
  • Imagination: Activities and theme encourage the imagination

Read more about our Toolbox Design Philosophy


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We are excited to share this Toolbox with
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