Kings, Queens, & Castles

Kings, Queens, & Castles Toolbox

The activities in this Montessori Toolbox were inspired by Europe of the past: its art, culture, and technology. Activities include stained glass, tapestry weaving & sewing, family crest sorting, a Montessori horse puzzle, and our simple machines kit!


Simple Machines

The activities with simple machines will allow your child to experiment with some basic principles of construction used to build castles! Included with this Toolbox are all the materials you need to do experiments with 4 of the 6 simple machines. Your child will love learning about pulleys, catapults, wheels and axles, and inclined planes.


Family Crests

In the middle ages, family crests were an important way to show the core values of your family. With that in mind, your child will be able to learn about the meaning of the different symbols and colors. They will also be able develop their critical thinking skills by sorting their crest cards by design and color. When they are done, they can hang the castle poster on the reverse side.


BE07Montessori Puzzles

The Montessori Horse puzzle is no ordinary puzzle, so don’t let its simplicity fool you! Montessori Puzzles are beautifully crafted and made of wood. In the right hands they can be a rich educational experience, because of their many uses and the variety of activities they provide.



BE04Weaving And Tapestries

Weaving and sewing are used in all Montessori classrooms as a fun way to build motor skills and concentration. Your child will also be able to learn about tapestries and story telling through art.


Younger children can learn basic sewing, while older children can create their own scene.



Stained Glass Activity

Your child will be able to design their own stained glass window, learn about colors, and understand transparency–all while making a piece of art!




Toolbox Balance – Kings, Queens, & Castles

Each Toolbox is carefully planned to contain a balanced blend of important qualities.
Kings, Queens, & Castles is:

  • Quality: Materials are durable, professional grade, or name brand
  • Activities: Includes many activities, levels of difficulty, and uses
  • Aesthetics: Generally experience beauty or natural materials
  • Montessori: Activities mostly follow AMS guidelines
  • Imagination: Activities and theme encourage the imagination

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