Shells and Starfish

Shells and Starfish

Our activity guide provided with your toolbox and online video training (access given after purchase) provide dozens of activities for hours and hours of Montessori learning with no teaching experience necessary to use the curriculum in this box!


Numbers and Counters

Shells and StarfishYour child can use this set to learn about numbers and quantity, do addition and subtraction, and even begin to learn basic multiplication and division.

The Sandpaper Numbers are a classic Montessori material for teaching numbers in a tactile way. Before your child can write, they can build up muscle memory and learn the shape of the numbers. They are high quality and made of wood, so they will last for years.

The Number and Quantity cards can be used with younger children for simple matching and one-to-one correspondence, and for more advanced children with associating number and quantity.

The starfish counters engage the imagination and encourage counting with their fun shape and size.

Seashell Transfer Activity

Shells and StarfishThe Seashell Transfer activity will help your child develop concentration, coordination, and motor skills in an engaging way. You will be surprised at how long they can spend moving the shells from one side to the other, and how much they will enjoy the sound of the tiny shells as they clink on the dishes.

The shells dishes are made of durable stainless steel, and the lightweight tray and cotton mat are perfect to define the work space and keep the activities nicely contained.

The tiny shell spoon is ornate and beautiful so your child will want to use it over and over!

Shell Set 

Shells and StarfishThis beautiful shell set can be used to explore different textures, shapes, and sizes.

Included with the online resources is an information sheet with pictures of each shell and a few fun facts about their habitat, the type of animal that lived in them, and where they lived.  Your child will love being able to study them and have their very own real starfish!


Toolbox Balance – Shells and Starfish

Each Toolbox is carefully planned to contain a balanced blend of important qualities.
Shells and Starfish is:

  • Quality: Materials are durable, professional grade, or name brand
  • Activities: Several activities, uses, and levels of difficulty
  • Aesthetics: Provides children with an experience of beauty or use natural materials
  • Montessori: Includes official materials, traditional activities, and faithful to general principles (AMS)
  • Imagination: Activities and theme encourage the imagination

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