It’s Finally Here!

Mad Scientist

We are getting closer to shipping our first boxes. We are very excited and wanted to share a sample with you. The items may be slightly different if you receive this set of materials, since the one in the picture is just an example. However, we stand by the quality of all our materials.


Save Time and Money

We are dedicated to providing real value, so when we put this box together, we scoured the internet to find the best retail price for each item. Even after hours of searching, we discovered that you could not get everything here for less than $50. We feel confident in our ability to save you both TIME and MONEY.


What Is In the Box?

Each box will provide the materials necessary for hours and hours of Montessori inspired activities, with various levels of difficulty. The materials in each box will be themed. This will give an extra boost to engage the imagination. Kids think its fun, but you know it’s learning. This example box is our Mad Scientist theme. The how and why of each activity will be explained with a video in the exclusive “Members” section of our website.


Example Activities

Mad ScientistHere is an example list of activities (including the area of study) that come with the Mad Scientist box:

  • Language Arts: Scientific vocabulary (flask, test tube, dye, beaker, etc)
  • Practical Life: Basic motor skills, pouring into a container
  • Practical Life: Basic motor skills, pouring with a funnel
  • Practical Life: Pouring with different sized containers
  • Practical Life: Grasping, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills
  • Sensorial: Primary color mixing
  • Sensorial: Color grading
  • Math: Measuring & learning about volume

We will also show you how these activities can be combined in various ways to create new activities that will keep your child interested in mastering essential skills.


Supplemental Activities

In addition to the 4 to 6 complete activities that come in each box, we will also include suggestions for activities that can be done using our materials. For example, with a few household items (like an egg, vinegar, or paperclip), you can explore even more advanced science projects. Your child can learn what dissolves in water, find out how to make an egg shell invisible, create a (less-messy) volcano, make metal float on water, and more!


What If I Already Have It?

Mad ScientistWe have been asked this question a few times. We are sure that most of our themed materials are so unique that you probably will not have it at home. At this time there is no way to exchange items of equal value from another box. For now, we are just two teachers trying to figure this out, but when the company gets bigger we hope to provide more customization.


Can I See The Box Before I Buy?

Montessori By Mom does not just sell material, we want to empower parents as educators with unique Montessori based activities–we provide convenience, inspiration, and explanations so you can focus on having fun and teaching your kids, not wasting time doing research and creating materials. A subscription to Montessori By Mom is SO MUCH MORE than the great materials you receive. There are so many options when buying educational products, and boxes are curated by a Montessori professional to remove the guess work. We also think that a surprise box is a lot of fun! We don’t think you will ever be dissatisfied with a box, but if you are, please let us know right away!


Thank You!

We want to take this chance to thank YOU. We could not turn our dream into a reality without your support. The biggest help you can give us is to share our service (especially on social media) with someone who could benefit from it!
– Nathan & Teresa Hadsall