4 Montessori-Inspired Popcorn Activities

Did you know that today, January 19th, is National Popcorn Day in the United States? Your kids will love celebrating with these four Montessori-inspired activities. These activities are great for children in preschool and early elementary. Let the fun begin!

1. Popcorn Shaker

Materials: Empty bottle, stickers, popcorn kernels

Activity: To begin with fill the empty bottle with 1/4 cup of popcorn, secure lid, allow your child to decorate with stickers (optional), demonstrate the new musical instrument

2. Popcorn Garland – Fine Motor Skill Activity

Materials: Popped popcorn, embroidery thread/floss or regular sewing thread, tapestry needle (with a blunt tip for smaller children)

Activity: To begin with tie a knot at the end of the thread. Demonstrate poking the needle through the popcorn and pushing it down along the thread. Invite them to the activity.

3. Popcorn Transfer

Materials: Two bowls, popcorn kernels, a spoon or measuring spoon, a tray (optional)

Activity: To begin with fill one bowl with popcorn kernels. Second, demonstrate transferring popcorn kernels with a spoon for one bowl to the other. Now, invite your child to the activity. The transfer activity may be completed again by transferring the popcorn back to the original bowl.

4. Letter Practice

Materials: a tray or a plate, letters printable, popcorn kernels

Activity: To begin with pour kernels to create a nice layer on the plate, select a letter to trace, demonstrate writing a letter in the popcorn kernels, say the letter as you write, erase your letter by lightly shaking the plate or smoothing the kernels out with you hand, invite your child to the activity.

Do you have a fun Montessori-inspired popcorn activity that is a favorite in your home or classroom? If so, please share with us below!

These activities are inspired by our Delicious Discoveries Toolbox. Explore all of our Toolboxes.

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