Space Explorer


Space Explorer

We are excited to re-release a classic Toolbox, our Space Explorer theme! With this Toolbox, your child can explore hard to grasp concepts such as space, constellations, phases of the moons, and more. They will develop motor skills, learn about simple geometric shapes, and design their own constellations. This Toolbox even comes with a real meteorite (authenticated by a geologist)!  Our activity guide and online video training provide dozens of activities for hours and hours of Montessori learning.

Don’t Take Our Word For It!

We were thrilled that Elaine of Planting Peas did a fabulous review of this Toolbox. Take a look at all of the fun her son had with this theme!


Earth and Moon

Earth and MoonYour child will begin their space adventure by learning about the planet they are most familiar with: our home, the Earth.

With the geometric shapes, you can show the difference between a circle and sphere; with the flashlight, you can demonstrate orbit and the phases of the moon; and using our beautiful brass telescope, you can guide your child
through a memorable night sky observation.Space Explorer
Montessori education starts with direct observation, but learning about space relies mostly on models and pictures. This is why we have included a real meteorite, validated by a professional geologist with a certificate of authenticity.


Solar System

Included in this Toolbox is a hand-painted model of the solar system. You can explore the colors of the planets and the order they orbit the sun. There are also plenty of craft materials in order to make a paper solar system model.
Some activities include: Identifying & putting planets in order, learning planet names, discussing the distance between planets, learning planet size and scale, exploring asteroids and meteorites.


Stars and Constellations

Constellation ActivityThe last stop on our journey through space is an exploration of stars and constellations. This toolbox will introduce your child to several easily identifiable constellations. The beautiful lacing cards will help them develop motor skills, while teaching a constellation. Then they can even use the flashlight to project it onto a wall. Finally, they get their very own star punch to help them recreate the constellation. Your child will especially love to invent their own!


*Please note that the Space Explorer Toolbox originally came with a silicone star dish, but the manufacturer discontinued it. Instead, we have replaced it with a brand new star matching and lacing activity. You will receive a set of star pattern cards and a bag of red, white, and blue star beads. We think this is a good alternative, since the stars and pattern cards offer more activities and naturally compliment the lacing activities with the constellation cards. We hope you love this Toolbox! 

Toolbox Balance – Space Explorer

Each Toolbox is carefully planned to contain a balanced blend of important qualities.
Space Explorer is:Space Explorer Radar

  • Quality: Materials are durable, professional grade, or name brand
  • Activities: Includes many activities, levels of difficulty, and uses
  • Aesthetics: Generally experience beauty or natural materials
  • Montessori: Activities mostly follow AMS guidelines
  • Imagination: Activities transport the imagination to encourage active, child-led learning

Read more about our Toolbox Design Philosophy

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We are excited to share this Toolbox with
you, and hope your kids will love it!
– Nathan & Teresa Hadsall


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  1. Jae

    This is fantastic! I love the activities and I featured it in our Learn and Play Link Up. Thank you for joining and hope to see you link up this week.


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