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Kings, Queens, & Castles

The activities in this Montessori Toolbox were inspired by Europe of the past: its art, culture, and technology. Activities include stained glass, tapestry weaving & sewing, family crest sorting, a Montessori horse puzzle, and our simple machines kit!  ...

Helping Hands

Our Helping Hands Toolbox which focuses on Practical Life activities, which are so important for a child’s development.

Building and Blocks

This Toolbox is packed with activities straight from the Montessori classroom: practical life, sensorial, and language. Your child will love making their own car, building a fort, and working with real tools.

Delicious Discoveries

With this Toolbox, your child will be able to explore spices, refine their sense of smell, and begin to help in the kitchen!

Dinosaur Discovery

Your child will feel like a paleontologist while they study a real dinosaur bone, excavate a model dinosaur, and make their own fossils!

How to Make a Montessori Inspired Christmas Activity

Want to know a SECRET? Montessori By Mom custom designs all the Montessori activities in each toolbox! As a part of the 15 Days of Montessori for the Holidays blog hop, we want to let you in on the secret and give you the tools to make your own Montessori inspired...

Journey To Japan

With this Toolbox, your child can learn about Japan. Some of the fun activities include: A Bonsai kit, paper making, origami, a sushi transfer, and more!