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DIY Imbucare for Object Permanence

VERY easy DIY Imbucare to make for your youngest child. Use this activity to have a couple minutes to work with your older child on Montessori By Mom work!

Montessori Process Over Product

Have you ever done something with the best of intentions only to end up with terrible results? Everyone around you sees only the results because they are tangible, but they don’t see all of your intentions and efforts that went into it.

Space Explorer

  Space Explorer We are excited to re-release a classic Toolbox, our Space Explorer theme! With this Toolbox, your child can explore hard to grasp concepts such as space, constellations, phases of the moons, and more. They will develop motor skills, learn about...

Color Mixing Magic

Amazing how important color mixing can be for young children. Do you have patience to just watch?

Shells and Starfish

Shells and Starfish is a beautiful way to teach Montessori principles without having to spend all the time researching products and preparing lessons!

Caves and Caverns

Our new character, Tim, will lead your child an amazing adventure! Your child will learn about caves & caverns, grow 5 types of crystals, and use an extremely versatile Montessori inspired math tool.

Earth Exploration

Your child will travel the world learning about Geography. They start with the layers of the Earth and then take a trip to 10 different countries.